The Nevers

This science fiction original series created by Joss Whedon marks his return to TV after more than ten years.
It premiered  on April 11, 2021 on HBO and follows the story of a diverse group of superheroines in the Victorian era.

Megalis worked on over 200 shots – mainly on Annie “Bonfire” Carbey’s fire effects; after being touched, she acquired the power of create and manipulate fire. Making the fire behave in many different situations was a great challenge that allowed us to updated our fire workflow.

We developed the look from concept art and used Houdini and Nuke as the main tools to complete the work.
Besides the fire work we also created other types of visual effects including blood, telekinesis and set extensions.

This was the shot we used to develop the main setup

Bonfire’s torch used as a guiding light

A spiraling wall of fire helps Amalia find the right path

Focusing the energy between her hands Bonfire can produce a powerful stream of fire

One of Bonfire’s fire attack resembles a flamethrower

A fireball explodes in mid air – this shot was a combination of several plates.

The fireball scene in action

One of the explode scene

Explode scene from another angle