2022/01/01 : We are happy to announce that Ben Lock has joined Megalis as Head of Production.

2021/12/20 : Online Seminar “Houdini / Solaris full production implementation example using Megalis USD” was held on Dec 22, 2021 by Indizone. Three speakers including one of the Megalis co-founders, Christophe Rodo, took the stage to talk about USD and Megalis’ Solaris pipeline.
「MegalisのUSDを用いた Houdini/Solaris のフルプロダクション実装例」を題にしたオンラインセミナーが開催されました、Megalisの共同創設者の1人であるChristopheRodoを含む3人の優れた講演者がステージに上がり、非常に価値のある技術的フレームワークと詳細を共有し、今日の業界のトップトレンドを紹介しました。

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2021/11/10 : CG World magazine has published a column spotlight on Megalis, detailing the growth history of the studio and its growth plans.

2021/10/01 : We have concluded a business partnership between Megalis and GriotGroove, and Mr. Sakamoto, President of GriotGroove, has been appointed as Executive Producer.
この度MegalisとGriotGrooveが業務提携を結ぶこととなり、GriotGroove代表の坂本氏がMegalisのExecutive Producerに就任しました。

2021/09/30 :
Megalis new website is live. We are preparing more content.